Please Object to Sainsbury’s Hebden Bridge

SOS Hebden Bridge is working hard to fight against the proposed development by Sainsbury’s on the Old Fire Station land close to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop.

If you are also against this proposed development then please follow these instructions, it will only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete the form and the more people that fill it in the better.
The only silghtly annoying aspect of the registration at that if you save passwords in your browser then likely your registered email and password will be remembered by the browser

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Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

Silly Billy’s Toy Shop was established in 1997 by Bill Deakin.

A short editorial on Silly Billy’s inception.

Bill says that his purpose in creating a Toy shop in Hebden Bridge was to provide a public service for the area to provide local people and the increasing number of families flowing into the Calder Valley a shop for buying toys for their children.

Toys such as Playmobil and Lego are Top selling and consistent at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop. A wide range of Lego and Playmobil is always in stock and the top selling products can be found in the Toy Shop at all times.

With the onset of online shopping many Independent Toy Shops in the UK shut down, being unable to compete with the giants like Amazon. Also supermarkets, for example Tesco started to stock toys which made it very hard for the smaller shops to stay in business.

Silly Billy’s customer base now extends as far as Manchester and beyond to the East, Sheffield and beyond to the South and even to Hull in the east, covering areas of Lancashire and Yorkshire

Now in 2015 Silly Billy’s has been forced to use the Internet for Sales as well and you can check out the online shop established on EBay since 2011

We hope more people come to shop at Silly Billy’s Toy shop and we would be very grateful if you would like our Facebook page and follow our blog


Buy Playmobil in the UK

Relating to the range of Playmobil Toys at Ridiculous Billy’s Toy Store in Hebden Bridge.

Ridiculous Billys Toy Shop is among the finest stockists from which to purchase Playmobil in the UK.

As an Independent Store, Silly Billy’s has a remarkable screen of Playmobil and among the finest choices of Playmobil in the North of England, UK.