The Sylvanians

The Sylvanians History

At the start of manufacturing, on March 20, 1985, Sylvanian Families were developed and also launched in Japan, which makes use of the idea of doll houses and also human like animal characters. The very first launches of the doll houses as well as various other play sets were constructed from porcelain with the furnishings being manufactured from timber. Nevertheless, later launches changed the products to plastic as well as steel in the manufacturing. The toys were later on launched in The United States and Canada during the same year (1985), yet with various product packaging as well as small distinctive changes to the Sylvanian personalities themselves. The toy line was initially entitled Pleasant Friends of the Forest

In October 1987, the collection generated a computer animated series created by DIC  Animation City and also TMS Entertainment, which lasted for 13 episodes. The series was prominent in the UK as well as in Spain. The name of the TV collection based upon Sylvanian Families was adjusted in various nations. As an example, in Spain it was called “La aldea el arce”. See video below:

It was additionally screened in the very early 1990’s in the United States on Nick Jr.
Later on that exact same year, the success in these markets brought about growth all the way into Western Europe, starting with the UK subsidiary of Tomy obtaining unique legal rights for the brand name in the UK. Tomy presented Sylvanian Families into the UK market in 1987, and the Sylvanians rapidly came to be a bestseller.
By 1988, Sylvanian Family members had actually ended up being a significant success around the globe, winning the British Organization of Toy Retailers honour for “Toy of the Year” 3 years back to back, in 1987, 1988 and also 1989.

In 1993, Tomy, that had actually been dispersing the toys worldwide, lost the legal rights to the name “Sylvanian Families” in Canada as well as within the UNITED STATES.
Tomy then re-established the line under the brand-new name of Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners.
The Calico Critters line is presently retailed in the United States as well as Canada by International Playthings, LLC

Decline and Reinvention

By the late 1990’s, Sylvanian Families had actually been discontinued n the UK,  in 1999, they were re-established by Flair. Ultimately, Sylvanian family members have actually been reestablished in Australia and also are ending up being a lot more extensively offered there. Tomy quit offering Calico Critters, and a brand-new business, International Playthings, got the line.

In 1999, the toyline commemorated its 15th anniversary in Japan, with the opening of the themed dining establishment Sylvanian Woodland Kitchen area (シルバニア森のキッチン Shirubania mori no kitchin), which was run and also handled by Epoch. The dining establishment not just offer food, additionally it sold goods and toys based upon the franchise business. The dining establishment sadly closed in February 2011.

In 2004, the franchise business commemorated its 20th anniversary in Japan with the launch of the Walnut Squirrel Family. In July 2004, EPOCH revealed a brand-new tourist attraction in Grinpa, an amusement park taken care of by Fuji Kyuko. The tourist attraction, initially called Sylvanian Village (シルバニアビレッジ Shirubania Birejji) prior to it was relabelled to Sylvanian Gardens (シルバニアガーデン Shirubania Gāden), started its building with Date’s guidance. In 2005, the franchise business held its initial online occasion labelled Sylvanian Families Musical~The Large Commotion Eve Party (シルバニアファミリーミュージカル ~ パーティーイブは大さわぎ ! Shirubania famirī myūjikaru ~ pātīibu wa dai sawagi!) which was held at the Gekidan Kogumaza Theater. It was later on launched on DVD in 2006.

In 2006, the personalities in the Sylvanian Toy line were opted to be the mascots for the National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperativess national mutual aid. By the end of the year, the toys sold a total of 78 million units.

In 2007, EPOCH coordinated with Itochu, Nippon Columbia and also Shogakukan to create a 3D CGI Original Video clip Computer animation collection based upon the toy line generated by Kōji Kawaguchi as well as Yumiko Muriai and guided by Akira Takamura.
All 3 episodes were launched on June 20, 2007. Inning accordance with EPOCH, extra episodes were prepared, however these episodes were never ever produced for unidentified factors.

In the UK, Flair commemorated the franchise business’s 20th anniversary with a picked variety of brand-new products. The most effective of which was an Otter boat, and a reintroduced of the Dalmatian Family who now wore party hats that read “Happy 20th !”.

In March 2009, the collection commemorated its 25th anniversary in Japan with the opening of the Sylvanian Gardens destination in Grinpa. Taken care of by EPOCH, the destination showcases real-life reproductions of Sylvanian houses and also structures from the Sylvanian Toy Series line along with a gallery including an event concerning the background of the playthings. The tourist attraction additionally has a store which markets products which are special to the park. In 2010, the franchise business once more organized 2 musicals, Sylvanian Family’s Amazing Music (シルバニアファミリーわくわくミュージカル Shirubania famirī wakuwaku myūjikaru) and also Sylvanian Family’s Exciting Musical (シルバニアファミリーわくわくステージ Shirubania famirī wakuwaku sutēji), which both ended up being a staple for advertising the toys at conventions.

On June 28, 2013, Flair confirmed that the rights for the toys in the UK will be transferred to the newly formed Epoch UK, and they began distributing the toys from January 1, 2014 on wards.

In the Gallery Below are just a selection of the Sylvanian Families Sets and Accessories that we have for Christmas 2017 at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop.

Click to view slideshow.

We probably have the largest range of Sylvanian Familes and Sylvanian Accessories of any toy shop outside of the Sylvanian Shop itself in Central London, (quite close to where the author of this blog lived at one point in his life)

Also at Silly Billy’s we have a Sylvanian’s loyalty card so if you spend over £15 on Sylvanian Families at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop you will receive a stamp and when the card is filled you will receive a special White Mouse Family for free:
Sylvanians Promotion

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LEGO Star Wars Episode 8 and More News

This morning we received some of our exciting Christmas 2017 items here at Silly Billy’s. It seems that Christmas gets earlier every year and for us as the premier Toy Retailer in the North of England we have to put our Christmas orders in with the LEGO Group in the Spring !!

At the time of writing we have the very exciting LEGO Star Wars Episode 8 already on the shelf, ahead of the Competition. LEGO Star Wars is always a popular line here at Silly Billy’s so pop in and have a look at the all new LEGO Star Wars Episode 8.

LEGO Star Wars Episode 8 Facebook Post

Other News

We are approaching the last two weeks of the School Summer Holidays, the Summer hasn’t been very kind so far and as usual the weather in Hebden Bridge has been somewhat on the dire side.
We have been quite busy re-stocking and our Dolls Selection was hit quite hard though now we are back to the full compliment of Dolls including Mia at £9.99, and Isabella in her car seat. Yesterday Talking Tammy and Little Treasure from Doll’s World also made an appearance. We have some doll’s pushchairs in stock as well, we are probably the only supplier of Doll’s Pushchairs in the Calder Valley.
Doll pushcair






















TY has been selling amazingly well this year and we are being assured that we will have a rare TY Teeny TY Chaser visiting the shop at some point, If you have no idea what a TY Chaser is then have a look around on the inter-web. We have both TY Beanies and Teeny TY in the shop. TY are also releasing some new lines later this year and we are hoping to be stocking those too so watch this space.


Did you know that here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop we are running the exciting Sylvanians Loyalty Promotion, simply spend over £15 on Sylvanian Families products with us at Silly Billy’s, the best place to buy Sylvanians in Yorkshire, and once you have acquired ten stamps you can receive a free white mouse family. (Closes December 31st 2017)
Sylvanians Promotion
















If you are interested in Joining the Sylvanians Fan Club then click here

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Building Up To Christmas 2016

Building Up To Christmas 2016

The period leading up to Christmas is always very busy for us here at Silly Billy’s and this year is our first Christmas in our new Retail Unit at Old Gate House, Old Gate, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6EN. Logistically in our new space we have less storage than we used to which means that we have to be quite prudent with Christmas orders and delivery schedules.

Since our last post we have increased the amount of Playmobil we have and we also have Playmobil 6624 Advent Calendars to compliment the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendars, and for the first time we have Playmobil 5497 Advent Calendars suitable for our very young shoppers.

Advent Calendar 5497

Christmas in the Forest







Other Playmobil new in are the Playmobil Summer Fun Campers

Summer Camper 6671

Summer Camper 6671







Here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop we believe we have the best range of Playmobil anywhere in the North of England, and this has been verified by customers in the past who have complimented us on our range. So if you are looking for any Playmobil then please give us a call as we can always look to get products in from Playmobil which we may not have in stock.

Hex Bugs are back

The Hex Bugs range is new to us here at Silly Billy’s and has been hugely popular, we were running low and have recently been re-stocked with Nano’s, Nano V2’s and track, everything you need for great Hex Bug Fun and Chaos, more on Hex Bugs here

Orchard Toys

We also were running low on Orchard Toys and now have been fully replenished, Orchard Toys are a great learning and play toy for the younger audience and we are really happy to stock this great British Manufactured product.


The little furry fellows are back to full force and to compliment the Sylvanian Characters we have the awesome Sylvanian Treehouse, Sylvanian Cosy Cottage Starter Home and the Sylvanian’s Toy Shop
Sylvanian's Toy Shop








We have some Schleich Bayala Advent Caldendars, if you are interested please ask about them as Stocks are limited and they are not on display in the shop.

bayala advent calendars

Bayala Advent Calendars









We also have Schleich Horsebox and Trailer 42346 in stock now

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Buy Sylvanians in Yorkshire

Silly Billy’s is a major retailer of Sylvanians in Yorkshire

As a major retailer of Sylvanians in Yorkshire and being the premier Independent Toy Shop to buy Sylvanians in Yorkshire we are pleased to announce a further extension to our Sylvanians Range. This includes:

  • Hedgehog Family
  • Walnut Squirrel Family
  • Yellow Labrador Family
  • Chocolate Rabbit Baby
  • Striped Cat Baby
  • Persian Cat Baby
  • Chocolate Rabbit Twins
  • Silk Cat Twins
  • Chihuahua Dog Twins
  • Hedgehog Twins
  • Persian Cat Twins
  • The New Arrival
  • Baby Bath Time
  • Baby Carry Cases

Buy Sylvanians

Buy Sylvanians at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and help keep Independent Shopping Alive

Read more about Sylvanians at Silly Billy’s 

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Week Five – Sylvanians Alive

Sylvanians and Minifigures

As week 5 happens here at Silly Billy‘s we are excited to have a brand new Sylvanian’s Display in our new shop window and a huge chocolate rabbit mother to compliment the display.
Choco_rabbitWe have some new Sylvanian’s and Sylvanian accessories in-store so come down and visit Silly Billy‘s today for all your Sylvanian needs.

We are still very busy here at Silly Billy‘s and next week we will have a new display stand in the shop and we hope to be soon stocking Sophie The Giraffe Teether. For now our Manhatten baby toys are in the stock room until our display cabinet is built, hopefully next week.

Also we have just received our Lego minifigures collectors cards so now you will get a sticker with every Disney Minifigure purchased and if you collect 5 stickers you will get the sixth Disney Minifgure free. I am progressing my Minifigure collection slowly and have now one HALF of the Disney Minifigure series:

lego Disney

Half-way There !!

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Sylvanian Accessories

The Sylvanians at Silly Billy‘s

Sylvanians have proven to be very popular since their re-introduction into Silly billy’s Toy Shop. As well as a ride range of Sylvanian Familes we also have the following Amazing Accessories for Sylvanian Families.
2015 sees in the thirtieth year of Sylvanian’s and although absent from Silly Billy‘s in preceding years the little furry fellows have made s surprising come-back in 2015 since their distribution and rights have been taken over by Epoch Making Toys Group.
Here are some of the Sylvanian Accessories we have at Silly Billy‘s:

  • Cosy Cottage Starter Set £24.99




  • Forest Nursery £19.99




  • Nursery Double Decker Bus £19.99




  • Campervan £29.99




  • Master Bedroom Set £19.99




  • Country Kitchen Set £19.99




  • Deluxe living Room Set £19.99




  • Sister’s Bedroom Set £19.99




  • Children’s Bedroom Set £12.99




  • Triple Bunk Beds Set £9.99



  • Deluxe TV Set £9.99




  • Washing machine Set £9.99




  • Bath and Shower Set £6.99

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Must Have Toys 2015

Must Have Toys 2015

Here at Silly Billy’s we do not tend to go with the flow of what is happening in other parts of the Country but here are some of our Top Five products for this year, in no particular order:

  1. TY Beanie Boos, always a great seller, and still only £4.99:
Beanie Boos
All Boo’s ONLY £4.99

2. Lego Star Wars at Silly Billys, read more

3. Playmobil Specials, these are always popular and still only £2.99

Playmobil Specials

4. Schleich Animals and Figures: The Schleich superheroes range ran out in no time, we bought more and they have run out again. Schleich is always popular and we will be bringing in much more Schleich at Silly Billy’s for Christmas 2015

5. Green Toys: The Green Toys range has been immensely popular. The toys are environmentally friendly, made of recycled materials, and incredibly robust, like the Tonka Toys of Old.
green-toys-ferry-boatThat is a short-list and we have many many more toys available here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop including:

Pocket Money Toys for 50p and toys for under £1

Sylvanians here now and starting to become well established again at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop.

Flying Toys

Kaloo for New Borns

Orchard Toys at Silly Billy’s, starting at Only £4.99

If you wish to know any more or contact us about any thing then please use this form:

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Sylvanians Replenished and Restocked

Did you know that we stock Sylvanian Families here
at Silly Billy’s 
Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families, All NEW at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop
Brand: Sylvanian
Manufacturer: EPOCH

We have re-introduced the Sylvanian range after some absence from the shop and the little furry fellows (as Bill terms them) are flying out of the door.
If you are looking to buy Sylvanian Families from a reputable independent toy shop then look no further than Silly Billy’s Toy Emporium in Hebden Bridge, HX7 8ET

The little furry fellows will be here all year

Sylvanian Families
FROM £2.99

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#Competition Time is Here Again


Following on from the GREAT SUCCESS of our last competition here at Silly Billy’s we have decided to launch another competition. As mentioned previously it is Silly Billy’s 18th Birthday this year and we will have competitions approximately every other  month finishing in time for Christmas 2015.
The final competition prize at Christmas will be very special indeed.

The rules are very simple, all you need to do is Like Our Facebook Page, or follow us on Twitter. Either one is fine.
If you want to do both we would really appreciate that.
BUT in addition to this simple clicking act we would also ask that you sign up for our blog, you can do this very simply on Silly Billy’s Blog main page. This whole process should take no longer than 2 minutes. All we require for the blog sign up is your name and email address, the sign-up is powered by MailChimp

“What Can I win?” we hear you ask??
To celebrate the, hopefully, soon to be welcomed Summerin the Calder Valley, we are GIVING AWAY a Sylvanian Families set. This will be posted Free Of Charge to anywhere in the UK. There is ONE set to Win.
Silly Billy’s is the prime shop to buy Sylvanians in Yorkshire
and for the whole of June you could be in with a chance of winning Freya’s Day at The Seaside, Set 4672.
Freyas Day At the SeasideFreya 4672

This Competition is only open to UK residents
You can only enter once
Your entry will only be counted if you subscribe to our blog as well as one of the other social actions. Anyone failing to subscribe to the blog will not be entered into the draw.

LASTLY if you are confused by anything here then this is the simple process to win the Sylvanians set:
1) EITHER LIKE US on Facebook or FOLLOW us on Twitter, if you want to do both then that is GREAT
2) ALSO Subscribe to our blog, here:

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The Sylvanians at Silly Billy’s

More Sylvanians have appeared at Silly Billy’s, wasn’t a miracle but rather a purchase order from Epoch Toys, our new Sylvanian wholesaler. As mentioned in an earlier Sylvanian Post we have quite a slection of Sylvanian Characters and accessories both old and new. Silly Billy’s is one of the few place to buy Sylvanians in the North of England.
Visit the Sylvanians Online at

Window Display 2015
Silly Billy’s Window Display May 2015
Sylvanians At Silly Billy's
Sylvanians At Silly Billy’s

We have also found a nice article on Sylvanians written in the Telegraph in 2012 which describes the creation and history of the Sylvanians

Since their launch 25 years ago, 40 million Sylvanian Families figures have been sold in Britain. Eric Clark meets the enthusiasts who can’t get enough of them.
It is early Saturday morning in Whitchurch, Hampshire, a postcard-perfect country town 70 miles from London, and a chattering crowd, including some who have driven since dawn to be here, has gathered outside the balloon- and banner-decked Gill Nethercott Centre.

Yards away, trout glide in the transparent waters of the River Test – the birthplace of modern fly-fishing – and just beyond that stands the last working silk mill of its kind in the south of England. But it is what is inside the community centre that matters to these pilgrims as they finally sweep through the doors to be greeted and patted by a 6ft pink rabbit called Renee Ruby Sparkle.

Renee is one of hundreds of characters that make up Sylvanian Families, a nostalgic toy range that has attracted a passionate and loyal following since its launch in Britain 25 years ago: an estimated 40 million Sylvanian figures have been sold in Britain, and recent sales have been growing at the rate of 50 per cent a year.

This gathering is the annual weekend shopping jamboree for the country’s most die-hard Sylvanian enthusiasts. Thousands of 4in-tall anthropomorphised bears, squirrels, mice and other furry animals – together with accoutrements from caravans and cars to department stores and country mansions – line the walls, are stacked on floors and trestle tables, or tumble from boxes.

Over two days 2,000 jostling, excited children and adults (not all of them accompanied by offspring) will come to see what’s new and to seek out rare items, to admire and to buy. Karen Bailey and her daughters Gemma (10) and Megan (who looks 14 but won’t reveal her age lest people think she’s too old to play with toys) have driven almost 200 miles, from Congleton, Cheshire. Within an hour they have collected enough items to fill a table: last year they spent £300 at this event. They say they own more than 60 per cent of everything in the Sylvanian range, and plan to convert their loft to accommodate their collection.

‘We’ve already given over the spare bedroom to Sylvanian Families,’ Karen says. ‘The girls save all year for them. They’re not the cheapest toys but they can play for hours.’

On the surface, the Sylvanian world is quintessentially English. It is pastoral and blissfully low-tech (all lacy aprons, mob-caps, Morris Minors and caravans), defiantly at odds with the modern world and unrecognisable not only to today’s children, but even to their parents. Despite its olde-worlde Anglo Saxon charm, the product was born in Japan in 1985 (and, like most toys, is now made in China), after Epoch, a successful toy and games company better known for its video games, came across a new technical process for simulating animal fur. Gradually the idea emerged of a world inhabited by families of tiny woodland creatures that dressed and acted like humans. It would be a sort of wonderland, Michihiro Maeda, Epoch’s globe-trotting president, explains when I catch up with him as he changes flights at Heathrow.

It was decided that the setting would be woodland (‘sylvan’ meaning of woods or forests), Maeda says, because city-dwelling Japanese yearn for the countryside of their ancestors. It would all be set in the past because ‘the old days are always beautiful’. The houses and props would be Westernised because that made the toys seem more exotic – in the 1980s travelling abroad was only a dream for most Japanese. Maeda tells me that the actual setting, like the period in time (a little bit 1950s, possibly earlier), is deliberately non-specific. ‘It is indefinite – somewhere in this world, but no one knows where or when it is.’

Epoch, which still owns and controls the product, decreed that Sylvanian Families should have two unalterable features: every character and product would be rendered in great detail and would look expensive – ‘the quality had to be more than toys,’ Maeda says – and the Sylvanian world would be a utopia. So Sylvania has a policeman – but no crime. A hospital – but no one gets ill. A post office – but it is never in danger of being closed down.

It was a hit from the start in Japan. The Elysian atmosphere and attention to detail attracted an Englishman touring the Tokyo Toy Fair in 1986. Peter Brown was the managing director of the UK arm of the Japanese toy firm Tomy. ‘I happened to see the little faces of a grey rabbit and a brown bear in what looked like a dolls’ house with a huge amount of detail. I’d never seen anything like it. I just knew it would appeal to young girls,’ he says.

From the beginning the input of Brown and his English colleagues at Tomy went far beyond being the Sylvanian Families UK distributor. They began to come up with their own ideas for figures and accessories, a pattern that continues. Brown is fervent about the range and its emphasis on family: ‘With mothers and fathers and sons and daughters and grandparents, it shows the importance of relationships. It’s what everyone imagines families used to be like. Ought to be like.’

Launched in Britain in 1987 (the same year as a short-lived American television show based on the toys), Sylvanian Families won the Toy Retailers Association’s Toy of the Year Award in each of its first three years – still a record. By the late 1990s, however, the toys were losing ground, in part suffering the natural backlash that hits any successful toy, but also, industry insiders say, because Tomy lost its passion for the brand and cut down on product development and marketing.

By this time Brown had left Tomy, and in 1999 had started a new British company, Flair. Short of money to launch new brands, Flair rapidly built up a reputation for taking on established toys considered past their prime. Sylvanian Families was soon returned to Brown’s care. ‘We had to breathe new life into it,’ Brown says. Development and marketing was stepped up with fervour. Some of the original families and accessories that had been allowed to disappear from the shelves were brought back; new products were introduced. Retail turnover since 1999, when Flair took over as Epoch’s Sylvanian UK arm, has grown from £500,000 to £40 million.

Sylvanian Families has become a toy range loved not only by collectors but by retailers large and small. John Lewis in Oxford Street has a permanent display (it has a bespoke Sylvanian department store complete with miniature John Lewis carrier bags). ‘It’s one of our key lines, a real core brand,’ Rachael Larkman, one of the store’s toy buyers, says. At Langleys, a small independent toy shop in Norwich, the owner John Fielding is enthusiastic. ‘It is enormously important to us,’ he says. ‘We always have a large area in a prime location dedicated to it, and it is the only toy range for which we offer our own loyalty card.’

Last year Flair produced 2.7 million Sylvanian figures for the UK alone. Thirty new items are introduced at the London Toy Fair every year, and there have been approximately 2,000 characters. There are the Snow-Warrens (white rabbits), Puddlefords (ducks), Brambles (hedgehogs), Billa­bongs (koala bears)… Every character has a name and biographical description, carefully composed to leave enough unwritten for children to be able to use their imaginations. The Cottontail rabbit family is headed by the father, Aaron, a ‘down-to-earth and hardworking furniture maker’ (rural occupations and traditional gender roles figure heavily). His wife, Sorrel, runs their beautiful home. Their naughty daughter Willow is always forgiven, thanks to her winning smile; her cricket-playing brother, Cromwell, has the untidiest bedroom in Sylvania; the twins, Comfrey and Angelica, play with their teddies for hours. Many of the names are pure genius: Emma Dale (sheep), Hugh Grunt (pig), Beatrix Spotter (meerkat), Roger Waters (beaver), Douglas Furbanks (squirrel).

With them come trappings, large and very small – from a bakery, school and treehouse down to old-fashioned furniture, food and cutlery with pieces so tiny only a child’s fingers can manipulate them. The list seems endless. The families can live in Rose Cottage or an aspirational manor house, holiday at the Grand Hotel, ride the Woodland Bus. Sets accommodate everything from ballroom dancing to school dinners (a 50-piece ensemble). Nothing is cheap: the Regency Hotel costs about £140, the Field View Windmill about £90. Families of four cost £16.

Simon Harwood, who together with his wife, Angela, organises the Whitchurch gathering and owns the world’s only exclusively Sylvanian Families shop, in Highbury, north London – says, ‘It is very, very expensive. You could cheapen the product, but then it wouldn’t be Sylvanian Families.’ Peter Brown says the enormous amount of work that goes into the range justifies the pricing. They are fully poseable and the clothes are handmade. ‘You may only be making a T-shirt for a tiny rabbit but it can take more detailed sewing and stitching than a full-size garment. You spend quite a lot but child-ren will play with it for a long, long time.’

With its inexhaustible number of families and associated products, Sylvania is a marketing man’s dream. The brand has another enormous advantage over other toys. For many, its attraction does not end at the age of eight. As a rule, children – 90 per cent of them girls – play with their Sylvanian families up to about that age, but many continue to enjoy them as displays.

Ben Miller, 31, manages the Sylvanian Families shop. ‘They’re not just our bread and butter,’ he says. ‘We’re all very passionate about them.’ A mecca for the faithful, the shop stands incongruously in a small parade in a residential street. Sylvanian figures and accessories fill every corner, right up to the ceiling of the 200sq ft of space.

A visitors’ book includes praise from enthusiasts in Australia, Sweden and the Czech Republic. ‘I wish I could stay all day,’ is one comment. ‘It is dreamland,’ is another.

Miller thinks one reason Sylvanian Families is so successful, especially with parents, is what it is not. ‘It’s not Bratz. They don’t wear make-up or sleazy clothes. It’s charming. And safe.’

Many children go on to become hardened collectors – one member of the 25,000-strong Sylvanian Collectors Club is 63. Members receive certificates, badges, exclusive figures, a magazine and have the chance to correspond with other members.

Many collectors are now second-generation, introduced by enthusiastic mothers. Collecting can be obsessive. One woman travels to the shop from South Africa every two years to catch up with everything she has missed. That can mean as many as 100 new characters and accessories. (She could pick them out of an outline catalogue, but she prefers to examine each one by hand.)

Avid enthusiasts collect not only every character and accessory, but also identical items from Japan, America and Europe, which come in different packaging. One such collector is Jacc Batch, 26, a choreographer and dance-school owner from Kettering, Northamptonshire. At seven he acquired Brother Hedgehog, and has since added 4,000 more, plus more than 200 buildings and other major accessories. His collection is insured for £25,000. ‘I collect every version of every figure and building. If the content is the same but the packaging is different, I must have both,’ he says.

Batch is not alone. Jonathan Daniel Lau, 18, who lives in Singapore, where he is studying sustainable urban design and engineering, travels the world to satisfy his love for Sylvanians: ‘When I was younger I used to draw all sorts of houses and buildings Sylvanians could live in,’ he says. ‘So collecting Sylvanians actually shaped my ambition to be an architect.’ He loves ‘the whole concept of how they live in their little secret world where nothing bad happens and they live happily ever after’.

Hayley Stower, an infant-school teacher in Derby, has 2,500 figures kept in waterproof crates (which she takes out to display or photograph for her website). She says some friends think her interest is cool; others that she is mad. ‘I don’t really mind what people think or say. I enjoy it and that’s what matters. Most people have an odd hobby in some shape or form anyway.’

Back in Whitchurch even the overflow car-park is packed. Plastic purses, moneyboxes and parental pockets are emptied as queues to pay stretch on to an outside terrace. Apart from fathers and a few brothers, this is girl heaven. But two male enthusiasts have arrived from Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire: Jack, eight, in an Avengers T-shirt and Charlie, in a Moshi Monsters top. Jack has two families of pandas and houses, boats and cars. Charlie, who likes the dalmatian family, is about to turn seven and celebrates with a Sylvanian canal boat. Jack has just bought the camper van.

‘I don’t tell my friends about my collecting,’ he says. ‘It’s too personal.’

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