Spy Pens

Spy Pens

Do you remember Spy Pens?
New from House of marbles we have some fabulous Spy Pens, write in invisible ink and light up the ink with the Ultraviolet Light on the Pen’s Top. A great little gadget
Spy pensAs well as Spy Pens we have also received some other new musical products from House of Marbles, a great English company based in Devon.
We have some Monkey Drums:
It’s impossible not to pick them up and spin. A great musical instrument and sensory experience! Length: 18 cm (7 inches).
They make a great sound and are a fantastic new Toy in Our Range:
Monkey DrumsAlso Toot Flutes, a squawky, noisy novelty! Squeak and honk, hoot and toot to your favourite tune! Comes in a variety of colours.
Toot Flutes compliment to our existing Musical Range which includes:
This lovely musical instrument is also known as the Mississippi Saxophone or the Tin-Can Tongue Twister! Our harmonica is a nicely made, simple version in the key of C which would be a great place to start for any budding musician. Length: 11 cm (1 1/4 inches). The first step towards your one-man band.

Possibly one of the silliest musical instruments ever invented, but totally brilliant. Length: 12cm – 5 inches.

Train Whistles
Lay down a music track with this nifty Train Whistle. This musical instrument is great for train and music enthusiasts alike. Length: 16 cm – 8 inch.

Hand Bells
Hand-bells with lovely solid handles – a great musical instrument for bringing the sounds of Summer Morris Dancers into your home. Height: 12 cm – 5 inches. Assorted colours available – red, yellow and green.

Back by popular demand and also from The House of Marbles are Clockwork Submarines, we have not had stock of these since our pre-flood days, when they all floated away !
Clockwork SubmarinesSomething else that flew away in the flooding were Pocket Kites and we now have these back in stock as well, these are great little kites really fun and easy to fly. Pocket Kites are Flyaway fun in miniature; the kite in a bag is one of our best sellers. Easy to fly for the amateur and fun for the expert. The kite comes in a bright and colourful bag (a choice of orange, blue or green) for easy storage and transportation. A surprisingly large kite in a small bag. Kite size approximately 50 x 30 cms / 20 x 12 inches, with a super-long tail.
Pocket Kites

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