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There are now multiple places on the Internet to review Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, and if you didn’t know then it really helps all businesses small and large to get online reviews. Silly Billy’s depends on the loyalty of its local customers, as well as those from further away.
Notably this year we have had customers from the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Japan, plus many more places besides.
We are so grateful for the customers who regularly visit us from near and far that we put an Advert in the Local papers each year to thank them. Last year’s (Christmas 2017) is below
Silly Billy's Reviews








Our EBay shop regularly sells to overseas customers and as such we have a very very broad reach. It really really helps our online visibility if you could take the time to review us and now there are more places than ever to review Silly Billy’s Toy Shop.

Places to Review Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Online

  1. Silly Billy’s Facebook Page
  2. Silly Billy’s Google Page
  3. Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Visit Hebden Bridge page
  4. Silly Billy’s on EBay (if you have purchased from us there)
  5. Silly Billy’s on TripAdvisor – Especially useful for local business related searches, read more about Silly Billy’s Trip Advisor Listing here

So if you have ever shopped with Silly Billy’s either online or in our new Retail Shop in Hebden Bridge, HX7 6EN then please leave us a review. It will only take a few moments and would mean so much to us and help us with our online visibility. As you can imagine we do not have the resources for online marketing and sales like those held by Argos, Smyths Toys and the other big competitors in our market-place who can simply buy their way into the online visibility. For us it takes time and energy and a great deal of help from customers and followers like yourselves.

Did you know that this year marks Silly Billy’s twentieth year of trading and that we started one year after Toys r Us.

We hope to be running a competition this year on our Facebook Page so if you have not done so already please like and follow Silly Billy’s Toy Shop on Facebook.


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