March 2019 News from Silly Billys

March 2019 News From Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

In an attempt to create at least one post per month on Silly Billy’s Toy Shop we present to you some news from the best Independent Toy Shop in Yorkshire.
As is usual this time of year we have a buying frenzy in the run up to Easter which can be a busy time for us. We have ordered more Cutetitos as they are selling as fast as the real Burrito’s do at Rick’s Mexican Street Food in Hebden Bridge !!

Also we have received more goodies from TY and have both LEGO and Playmobil on the way to our toy shop.
We had a delivery from Schleich yesterday and you can read more about that below here.


Some new Schleich has come into Silly Billy’s including some Schleich Animals that we have not had before in our Shop and the ever popular Schleich Horse Range with new horses for 2019.
Here are some of the new arrivals

  • Shire Stallion
  • Friesian Mare
  • Trakehner Stallion
  • Trakehner Foal
  • Knabstrupper Mare
  • Goat (Billy Goat LOL)
  • Komodo Dragon
  • Ring-tailed Lemur
  • Assorted Saddles and Bridles (Part of the Schleich Horse Club Range)

Little Lucky Lunchboxes.

Little Lucky Lunchboxes (LLB) are a craze that are sweeping the United States now and we have brought them to you first here at Silly Billy’s. With over 50 characters to collect we feel they provide greater value and play satisfaction than the LOL dolls range. So come and try them out. 

Reviews and Online Activity

We have talked before about the importance of Online reviews to Small Businesses like  ours. If you would like to read more about the importance of reviews then please visit this post: Online Reviews

Something that has recently been added to Silly Billy’s online portfolio is a Pointy page. Pointy contains a database of our products in the toy shop, although sometimes it takes a while for Pointy to update the database and images their side. At the moment Silly Billy’s has around 400 products listed on pointy, whereas we have up to 1,000 products in our shop. Nevertheless, we think Pointy is a great tool for Small Business visibility online and if you have searched for Silly Billy’s Toy Shop through Google recently then you will have noticed that we feature on the Google See What’s In Store application which is as a result of the Pointy integration. If you would like to visit our Pointy page then please go here:

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