New Posters and Lots More News

We have recently had a new Poster Delivery from our friends at GB Eye which have included the amazingly Crash Bandicoot, do you remember the Video Game first released on PlayStation in 1996?
I remember playing it with my eldest on his First Play Station console ! Crash is back, well he’s never been away really, though it seems the Console Game is now growing in popularity.
Business Owner Bill Deakin took a picture of Crash which we put on Silly Billy’s Facebook Page about a week or so again. Here it is:
crash bandicoot

In other news we have another amazing Competition happening on our Facebook Page, simply click here to find out more

Despite Christmas being our busiest time of year we are still quite well stocked for after Christmas so if any boys or girls, mums or dads have any Christmas money left to spend we still have lots of LEGO and PLAYMOBIL in store plus many other Toys and Games so why not come and visit Hebden Bridge to see us?
For your delectation today here is a random Gallery of just some of the GB Eye posters that we have in our Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Click to view slideshow.

Calder High are releasing the Mock GCSE results to students tomorrow, so for many of us, me included, we will start to have an idea of what subjects may need more focus for our children in Year 11.

And even more News, the Teeny TY brand which was introduced before Christmas 2017 is going from strength to strength and the Teeny TY collections are growing all around.
Teeny TY
We have seen a marked increase in calls and visits to our websites since listing on the amazing Visit Hebden Bridge website, so if you are a local Calder Valley Business and want to increase your visibility online you could do well by investing the small amount Dave asks for to create a listing on the Visit Hebden Bridge Site. Alternatively, if you are after some more bespoke media strategies or looking to increase web presence through Natural Organic Search ranking then contact Robert A Williams through his Facebook Page

This Year marks Silly Billy’s coming of age at 21 Years Old ! More about that later and we will be creating some free to enter Competitions for you over the coming year so if interested in staying in touch then please subscribe to this blog or like Silly Billy’s on Facebook

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NEW GB Eye Posters

GB Eye Posters Are Amazingly Popular

GB Eye Posters have been one of our most popular stock lines here at Silly Billy’s in Hebden Bridge. This is probably our last Poster Delivery before Christmas 2017 and here is the list of the Posters we received in this delivery, all GB Eye Posters are only £3.99 here at Silly Billy’s.

  • Minecraft World Beyond
  • Harry Potter Hogwarts Flag
  • WWE RAW V Smackdown
  • Manchester United Lukaku 17/18
  • Minecraft Ocelot Chase
  • Ed Sheeran Wembley
  • Paw Patrol Characters
  • Barcelona Messi Collage 16/17
  • Emoji * Collage
  • Harry Potter Crests Poster
  • Manchester United Pogba 17/18
  • Emoji * Believe in Unicorns
  • WWE Superstars 2016
  • Little Mix Quad
  • Thomas and Friends Characters
  • Pokemon Kanto 151
  • Little Mix Glory Days
  • WWE Summerslam 2017
  • Overwatch Reaper
  • Minecraft World
  • Gaming Keep Out
  • Overwatch characters
  • Unicorn Amazing
  • Overwatch Battle
  • Adventure Time Clouds
  • Bob Langrish Waterfall
  • Wild World Group
  • Fantastic Beasts Street

So there we go, a heck of a lot of Posters. We also have a lot of Unicorns when all is considered. As you can see from the Alphabet of Toys Page the letter U is very heavy with Unicorns and we have some amazing Schleich Unicorns here for Christmas as well as two Unicorn Posters
Schleich Unicorns
















Christmas 2017

This time of year we are getting full of stock for Christmas and we are almost bursting at the seams with all the exciting products we have in store for you for Christmas 2017 including LEGO and Playmobil

The best way to stay up to date with what we have in our shop is to follow and like Silly Billy’s on Facebook.

The only suppliers we have left to get in are Sophie La Girafe who will be making a return next week with some teething products and other exciting Sophie goods. Also coming soon are Time Teacher watches, which I will write about in a separate blog post. We will also be re-stocking on Orchard Toys which have sold amazingly well all year. This year will be our second Christmas in our brand new and exciting toy shop next door to the amazing Homely at Hebden gift and home-wares shop. So, make the effort and walk across Hebden’s most historic bridge to the other side of the river where these very exciting new shops are located.

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New Exciting GB Eye Posters

I have worked at Silly Billy’s retail shop for nearly 4 years now and (don’t tell Bill !) I have tried to avoid doing the poster orders as it seems quite a faff.

Yesterday, 9th June 2017 we received a late delivery of GB Eye Posters and Bill had to leave the shop so I ended up putting the posters in the poster display. It was not such a faff as I had imagined though it did take quite a considerable amount of time. So our Poster Stocks in Silly Billy’s Toy Shop have been fully replenished and we have some new and exciting posters in the shop. Here’s the list:

  • FP4521  Minecraft World Beyond
  • FP4506 Attack on Titan Season 2
  • FP4510 Yu Gi Oh Dark Side of Dimension K (do you know we have the latest Yu Gi Oh Cards as well?)
  • FP4374 Wonder Woman Sword (Has anyone seen the new WW movie yet, what do you think?)
  • FP4509 DC Universe Rebirth
  • GN0860 Emoji * Believe in Unicorns
  • FP4480 Doctor Who Compilation
  • LP2089 Little Mix Glory Days
  • PH0534 VW Camper Illustration
  • GN0751 European Map (Soft Brexit, Hard Brexit ?)
  • GN0147 UK Map Political (No comment)
  • PH0357 Dolphins Underwater
  • PH0427 Horses Mare and Foal

We have always stocked GB Eye Posters here at Silly Billy’s and GB Eye like many other companies helped us out enormously after the devastating flooding we experience on Boxing Day 2015 resulting in us relocating our toy shop to our great new premises in Old Gate, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 6EN

This weekend we are doing a very special promotion on Fidget Spinners here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and you can buy, until 5pm tomorrow, Sunday 11th June 2017, three fidget spinners for only £10 (stocks are limited in quantity)

Did you know that we recently quietly celebrated Silly Billy’s twentieth year of trading here in Hebden Bridge ?

It’s wet outside, normal state of affairs really for the weather here in Hebden Bridge, Silly Billy’s new Toy Shop with exciting new products like GB Eye Posters, Cap Guns, Fidget Spinners and so much more is DRY, do why not come to Hebden Bridge and visit us today ?

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GB Eye Posters New In


GB Eye Posters New In

New Posters Just in at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop from GB Eye, all posters at £3.99


As well as the Fantastic Euro 2016 Wall Chart from GB Eye we have:

  • Doctor Who Red Dalek Comic
  • Fallout 4 Key Art
  • Pokemon Pikachu
  • Real Madrid Ronaldo 15/16
  • Star Wars Episode 7
  • Paw Patrol – All Paws on Deck
  • Angry Birds Attack
  • Marvel Heroes Attack
  • WWE Roman Reigns
  • Captain America Civil War
  • Pokemon partner Pokemon
  • Despicable Me 2 – Take Over the World
  • Barcelona Messi Action 15/16
  • Justin Bieber * Crouch
  • Batman Comic Stalker
  • Star Wars Episode 7 Storm Trooper
  • Harry Potter Crests
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 3
  • My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic
  • Minecraft World
  • Gaming Keep Out
  • Spongebob Cast
  • Bob Langrish Waterfall
  • Dolphins Leap
  • Wild Word Group
  • World Map 2015
  • Tiger Cubs
  • Star Wars Episode 7 Montage
  • Deadpool Panels
  • Yu gi Oh Yugi and Monsters
  • Justin Bieber * Hair
  • Deadpool Bang
  • Barcelona Star Players

Another GB Eye Posters Post from Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

We always have GB Eye Posters in stock here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge and they are part of our wide range of toys and gifts.  Silly Billy’s is open 7 days a week, 363 Days a Year. We are the foremost Independent Toy Shop in the North of England.


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