New Toy Shop Location

#hebdenrising Silly Billy‘s New Shop Location

People have been curious as to where Silly Billy’s is relocating to. The new shop is not very far away from where the old shop was, in fact our new shop is only across the river from the Wavey Steps at Bridge Gate. It is not yet finished and we hope to be there in March 2016.

New Silly billys
Silly Billy‘s Proposed New Shop

In the mean time we are opening a pop up shop in Independent Living at the bottom of Albert Street in Hebden Bridge.

Our Pop Up Shop is open at the following times:
Thursday 3pm til 430pm
Friday 3pm til 430pm
Saturday 10am til 4pm

Silly Billy‘s Pop Up Shop

We would like to thank everyone that has helped us over this difficult period and anything we can do for you in return just get in touch. In the interim we are happy to be involved with #calderdalerising which should hopefully help out many small businesses that are in a difficult position as a result of the Boxing Day Floods


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