7 Ways To Make Sure December Birthdays Don’t Get Lost In The Shuffle

Ah, December birthdays. Between the holiday madness and New Year’s Eve preparations, December birthdays can get lost in the chaos. Never fear, though: We asked the HuffPost Parents community to share the ways that they make their family’s December birthdays special. Read on and add any ideas you have to the comments below.

Thought this was worth re-publishing as this blog’s Author has his birthday on December 15th and the author’s eldest son on December 16th, plus a good friend has his birthday on December 25th, which could be considered even worse. Here are some top-tips for anyone soon to have a December Birthday.

1. Use non-holiday wrapping paper for birthday gifts. It might seem like a no-brainer, but find wrapping paper that’s special (whether it’s Star Wars or Minions) so the birthday gifts feel unique.

2. Consider having a birthday party on their half birthday instead — or a few weeks later in January — when friends are more available to celebrate. If you move their birthday celebration, invite family members over for a party or dinner on the actual day to make it special.

3. Talk to them about holiday decorations beforehand. If you have an early December birthday, hold off putting up holiday decorations until your loved ones have celebrated their day. You could even get a Christmas tree and use it as a “birthday tree,” then decorate it for Christmas after the birthday has passed. If it’s a late December birthday, remove holiday decorations by then, so that all the focus is on the birthday.

4. Speaking of decorating: balloons, streamers and more are always festive for a birthday! Ditch the garlands and bows and go big with balloons.

5. Make the day special by letting them pick the breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu. 

6. If you have a Christmas Eve or Christmas birthday in the family, give Santa a slice of cake instead of cookies.

7. Choosing separate themes for gifts — like clothes for his or her birthday, and toys for Christmas — can make each feel unique.

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25 Parenting Hacks Every New Mom Or Dad Should Definitely Know

Just under 4 million babies are born in the U.S. each year. That means that some 8 million parents welcome a new child into the world.

And as those parents know, raising a kid is not an easy job. There are sleepless nights, stressful days, diaper changes, crying…the list goes on. As your little ones grow up, new challenges arise. That’s why it’s so important to have an edge. There are some top tips in this post though it caters towards a more State-side Audience.

Take it from moms and dads who have been parents many times over — this insider knowledge is sure to make things easier on just about any new mother or father.

1. Prevent your kid’s toys from floating away in the tub with an old laundry basket.

2. Make a DIY sparkler hand protector out of a Solo cup.

3. Change the bottle game by enabling your tot to feed themselves.

4. Use a rubber band to teach your kids how to hold a pencil and write properly.

5. Use disposable coffee cup tops to prevent messy popsicle drips.

6. If your kids are afraid of monsters, spray their room with “Monster Spray.”

7. Turn cleanup time into a fun game.

8. Freeze Capri Sun overnight to make a delicious slushy.

9. Give your kid a sweet playpen by inflating a pool indoors.

10. Put padlocks on plugs so there’s no risk of your little tykes playing with them.

11. Once your baby learns to crawl, put them in this adorable onesie — they’ll mop while they explore.

12. Use a shoe organizer as a storage spot in your car.

13. All you need is a strong sheet and a table to make a baby-friendly indoor hammock.

14. An old camera bag can work as a new diaper bag.

15. Use an old phone to make a monitor for your baby’s crib.

16. Give your baby some shade and shield them from nasty bug bites by putting a crib sheet over their outdoor playpen.

17. Disposable sauce containers are a great place to store pacifiers.

18. Keep kids from making a mess while they eat in the car by bringing along shower totes.

19. Use an old lotion bottle to make an easy water balloon pump.

20. Fill a glove with beans to make it seem like you are holding your little one while they sleep.

21. Make an awesome faucet extender with an old shampoo or body wash bottle.

22. A large cardboard box can turn any stairway into a slide.

23. This little hat will prevent tears while you bathe your baby.

24. Let your kids know exactly how much toilet paper they should be using.

25. And finally, for when you’ve got teens…use this trick to alert you if they try to sneak in after curfew.

(via WooHome)

Hopefully, these hacks will make your transition into parenthood a bit smoother. But above all, just enjoy the ride!

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The post 25 Parenting Hacks Every New Mom Or Dad Should Definitely Know appeared first on Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Blog.

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