Hex Bugs Are Back

Hex Bugs Are Back

After an absence of some months, we had them at Christmas, Hex Bugs are back.

We now have in store the amazing gravity defying Hex Bug V2 at £7

HexBug Nano V2 MAZE challenge – Can any V2 bug find the end winning Hex cell from Mamaboo.in on Vimeo.


Hex Bugs

As well as the V2 we have the very collectible Hex Bug Nano’s at £4 and the amazing Aquabot Jellyfish at £15

The V2 can climb up vertical surfaces and there is a video on the Nano V2 above .The Nano V2 product line features an evolved Nano, sporting a new look, with three rubber spines on its back, as well as a new system of tubular tracks that highlight the Nano V2’s unique multi-level climbing abilities.

The AquaBot™ collection is about to get a tropical transformation! Introducing the HEXBUG AquaBot™ Jellyfish with Bowl! Watch as the HEXBUG AquaBot Jellyfish with Bowl uses its 18 tentacles, powerful ducted impeller and customized swimming patterns to spin and slide gracefully through the water as it explores its new home.

The AquaBot™ Jellyfish is available in up to 5 translucent colors.

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NEW IN – Hex Bugs

Recently we have received for Christmas some Hex-Bugs, Hex Bugs are great and fun for young and old.
I even manage to have some fun with some Hex Bugs on rainy days.

Hex Bugs are new to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and we have:

  • Hex Bug Nano’s
    Behave like Real Bugs
  • Now with Tap on Tank wake up sensor and inner LED glow!Building off the wildly popular HEXBUG AquaBot™ Shark and Clownfish, comes HEXBUG AquaBot™ 2.0, available in two styles, the Angelfish and Hammerhead Shark, and ten translucent colors. The AquaBot™ 2.0 swimmers are equipped with an inner pulsating LED glow and a hi-tech sensor allowing you to wake the sleeping fish by tapping on the tank. Styles and colors are selected randomly.
  • HEXBUG AquaBot™ with Fish Tank, as above and with a tank to put water in

Hex Bug nano


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