Hebden Bridge Duck Race 2017 – New Products

Hebden Bridge Duck Race 2017

New Products in the Shop for Easter Holidays

Soon Hebden Bridge Duck Race 2017 will be upon us. Last year’s Hebden Bridge Duck Race was well attended although not as well as the Hebden Bridge Duck race of 2015. This was due to the disaster that befell Hebden Bridge on Boxing Day 2o16.

This year we are hoping the Hebden Bridge Duck Race will be a huge event with hopefully even more people attending than there were in 2015. Again because of Bill’s love of Chelsea FC we are supporting the Blue Team in the business Duck Race challenge, the author’s (Robert A Williams) feeling though is that the Red Team, supported by Cafe Solo, Homely at Hebden, and others will triumph.
homely Abode

Easter is a very busy time of year for Silly Billy’s and we aim to get new and exciting products for all the girls and boys.
Recently we introduced an exciting range of dolls into our shop.

Balloon Bijoux Accessories and Jewellery
We have, returning to us, and a range that was a great success in our old Toy Shop, Balloon Bijoux accessories.
This jewellery and hair accessory range is extensive with over 50 lines and a great display stand from the suppliers at Ballon Bijoux:
Prices starting at only £1.99

Ballon Bijoux Ballon Bijoux

We also have some very fine stretch Frogs and Stretchy Lizards in the shop, these are quality stretchy goo-ey toys, even my 14 year old daughter found great entertainment in the Lizard she purchased to shock her friends !

Lizards £1.50
Frogs £2.99

Stretchy Frogs
In the lower price area we have completely re-stocked our 50 Pence Pocket Money range and this is now looking resplendent.
After a long absence larger 99p bouncy balls have also bounced back into the Toy Shop.
Pocket Money Toys

Galt Toys:

We have completely re-stocked Galt Toys (only £5.99) and have a few new lines for 2017 including Mini-Octons and Easy Braids
Galt Toys

So get down to Silly Billy’s over the Easter Holidays for all the best in new and exciting Toys

As a footnote to this post we would like to thank Jamie Raven profusely for following Silly Billy’s on both Facebook and Twitter, it really helps our visibility and helps promote the Independent Shopping message when people follow Silly Billy’s Social Media Accounts. Jamie Raven Magic sets are in store now, Starting at only £9.99

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Week Six – More Lego Bricks

More Lego Bricks and Much More

Recent additions to our Lego stocks include:

  • Prison island Starter Set 60127 at £9.99
  • Police Pursuit 60128 at £17.99
  • Fire ATV 60105 at £5.99
  • Fire Starter Set 60106 at £9.99
  • Fire Ladder Truck 60107 at £17.99
  • Rally Car 60113 at £7.99
  • Race boat 60114 at £7.99
  • 4×4 Off Roader 60115 at £17.99
  • Iron Skull Sub Attack (Marvel Avengers) 76048 at £29.99
  • Batman Gotham City Cycle 76053 at  £19.99
  • Mighty Micros Batman 76061 at £9.99
  • Clash of the Heroes 76044 at £12.99
  • Piggy Car Escape (Angry Birds) 75821 at £12.99
  • Knighton Battle Blaster (Nexo Knights) 70310 at £7.99
  • Chaos Catapult (Nexo Knights) 70311 at £7.99
  • Lance’s Mecha Horse (Nexo Knights) 70312 at £17.99
  • Technics Display Team Jet 42044 at £9.99

    The Lego Wall at Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop

    And we have had a new shelf unit built by our brilliant carpenter, Johnathan Noble,


Galt in our brilliant shelving unit

which  means that we can put out even more toys including a wider range of GALT with the following:

  • Brilliant Hair-Bands at £9.99
  • Paint A Tea Set at £9.99
  • First Sewing at £9.99
  • Fairy Dressing Up Set at £9.99
  • Glitter Party Set at £9.99
  • Four Puzzles in A Box at £5.99
  • Alphabet puzzles at £5.99
  • Baby Puzzles at £5.99 (18 months +)
  • Number Puzzles at £5.99
  • Magic Puzzle at £9.99
  • Paint by Numbers at £5.99
  • Violent Volcano at £5.99
  • Bonkers Bubbles at £5.99
  • Colour Changing Pens at £3.99
  • Various Colouring and Sticker Pads from £1.99

Come into Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop in our new location at Old Gate House, Old Gate, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6EN, we have lots of toys and games to suit from the very young, the next post will contain more information on our new Sophie La Girafe range, the amazing baby teether shaped like a giraffe.

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