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Time Teacher Watches and Clocks – New Products

For the first time this year we have been selling the amazing Time Teacher Watches which have proven to be immensely popular.
For Christmas 2017 we have extended our range to include Time Teacher Alarm Clocks. These high quality time pieces enable your child to begin easily and quickly learning how to tell time on a clock.

Time Teacher Alarm clock

Like most parents, you are probably keen to ensure your child’s learning continues when they get home from school, especially when it comes to time teaching. Although now part of the National Curriculum, most parents still feel it’s mainly their responsibility to teach their children to tell the time. However, particularly with children of primary school age, it can be hard to get them to concentrate when school is over and all they want to do is play.
In addition, in the digital age it’s becoming increasingly difficult for parents to teach time-reading skills in the first place, let alone to continue the learning at home. After all, most gadgets and appliances only have digital displays which aren’t at all conducive to time teaching.
So, how do you keep your children engaged in learning the time at home without it becoming another ‘battlefield’?
Our Easy Read Time Teacher alarm clocks are the perfect solution for teaching time as well as for extending your child’s learning at home. Not only do they have an analogue time face but they have also been developed especially for children’s bedrooms and with time teaching in mind. Available in two colour schemes – rainbow or red & blue – the clocks have a gentle glow which acts as a night light as well as a silent movement to aid sleep. They also come in both the Past & To or 24-Hour teaching systems for you to choose from.

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