Bridget Jones’s Baby review: Rene Zellweger excels

Bridget Jones’s Baby Review

Broad gags, choice turns and some terrific slapstick involving a hospital revolving door elevate a possibly opportunistic outing into a solid and satisfying comeback

Sell-by dates don’t mean anything … do they? Bridget Jones is talking about the eco-friendly biodegradable condoms she bought ages ago, and with which she has suddenly ended an aeon-long sex famine by using twice, on getting suddenly lucky with two chaps within a few days: dishy online dating expert (Patrick Dempsey) and her old smoulderer, the unexpectedly single Mark Darcy (Colin Firth). Now 40-something Bridget has ascended the duff and there is a Mamma-Mia!-style mystery about the dads identity. The director is Sharon Maguire, and the writers are Emma Thompson, Dan Mazer and Helen Fielding, author of the original newspaper column and bestselling book.

As for Bridget’s own sell-by date, well, she now joins the conga-line of figures from the late 90s and early noughties making their sheepish comeback: David Brent, AbFab, Cold Feet. But Rene Zellwegers own return after 12 years in the dithery role she created and after a six-year absence from the screen has been overshadowed by a massive media overreaction to cosmetic work which she has evidently had done.
(Editor‘s note “don’t the media overreact to everything anyway and isn’t this after all what sells media such as yours”)

Bridget Jones’s Baby is released 16 September 2016 in the United Kingdom and there is more detail about the film here on IMDB

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