Filming At Silly Billy’s


On Tuesday 15th September 2015 the BBC film crew came to Silly Billy’s to do some filming for the forthcoming “Happy Valley Season 2” which is situated in and around Hebden Bridge, and within the Calder Valley.

If you have not seen Season 1 of Happy Valley then  you can buy it from either Amazon or Google, as far as a brief search on the interweb goes I did not find a DVD from the Beeb.

Bill stated that the shop-keeper that was acting had about as much clue about shop-keeping as Bill himself did about Directing a BBC production. Nonetheless, the toy shop-keeper actor, and all involved were very pleasant to work with, said Bill.

The crew re-decorated the Toy Shop Window and Bill has decided to leave it as is for now as it is quite different from how he would normally dress the window.
HAPPY VALLEY Season 2 Window

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