Pirates on Social Media

It has  been over a month since we have written a blog post here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop. Mainly because the Internet Focus has been on our Social Media Channels. We have been promoting Pirates on Social Media and perhaps you are not aware of our current FREEBIE here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop. All you need do is take a Picture with the life-size Playmobil Pirate that is outside our Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge and TAG Silly Billy’s in it. This is easy enough to do on Facebook or Instagram simply choose your location as Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and either share the image on Silly Billy’s Facebook Page or tag us with #SillyBillys or #SillyBillystoyshop. Silly Billy’s is not on SnapChat but we are happy for you to post there as well, and you can find Silly Billy’s Easily on Instagram

At the moment we have some FREE Playmobil Figures and also free Playmobil Activity Sheets for you to have, simply by taking a picture with the life size Pirate outside our totally awesome toy shop in Hebden Bridge and actively promote the Silly Billy’s Pirates on Social Media. it is Easy and Fun, an example image is below.
Pirates on Social Media

And this is what you can collect for FREE whilst stocks last:
Pirates On Social media

Simply post a picture of a child, a teenager or even an Adult with our Playmobil Pirate on Social Media and tag it with our Toy Shop Location and/or #SillyBillys / #Sillybillystoyshop and you can pick-up a Free Playmobil Activity sheet and also ONE FREE Playmobil Figure if you want.

Part of the Purpose of this post was to list what exciting Pirate Items we have here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, and this is the list as it stands in August 2018, for an even better list of toys at Silly Billy’s then why not check out our Alphabet of Toys Page

From Orchard Toys we have the fantastic Pirate Shapes Game suitable for ages 2.5 + and for 2-4 Players:

Pirate Shapes

From Playmobil we have the Amazing 1.2.3 Pirate Set Suitable for 1.5 Years Plus at Only £19.99
And Again From Playmobil, for Older Children we have a Pirates Take-Along Playset 5655
in Other Toys we have Pirate Eye Patches at Only 50 pence each and Pirate Fools Gold Pouches at £1.99

So check out our Amazing Free Giveaways on Silly Billy’s Instagram Feed or Facebook Post:

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