Silly Billy’s Toy Shop 21st Birthday Teaser

On 1st May 2018 Silly Billy’s Toy Shop will be 21 Years of Age

Here are some tasters of events and competitions that will be happening during our 21st Birthday Week Celebrations starting on 1st May 2018

  1. There is a big Surprise under wraps in the shop which will be revealed on 1st May 2018 when Silly Billy’s opens in Hebden Bridge at 09:30
    Playmobil Competition
  2. There will be a raffle ticket given out to every customer who spends any amount with Silly Billy’s over the Birthday week, so ONE Raffle ticket per purchase though multiple tickets can be received if you shop multiple times in the week at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop. The Raffle Prizes will consist of LEGO and other items to be announce in a blog post on 1st May itself
  3. There will be a Design a Beanie Competition run all week and an opportunity for TY Beanie prizes for the best designs
  4. There will be an outfit-design competition involving Lottie Dolls and the opportunity to WIN a Lottie Doll, Spring Celebration Ballet from our shop and also be entered into a Worldwide competition from Arklu.
    Lottie Doll

So from 1st May 2018 please mark in your calendars for Silly Billy’s Toy Shop 21st Birthday and it is only

-17973”Days” -7”Hours” -14”Minutes” -2”Seconds”

Until Silly Billy’s Big Birthday week

If you are looking to find us then please use the map below:


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