Lego Competition Christmas 2016 WINNER

Congratulations Go To Suzy Broadbent Winner of Silly Billy’s Lego Christmas Competition 2016 97 total views, 12 views today The post Lego Competition Christmas 2016 WINNER appeared first on Silly Billy s Toy Shop Blog. Silly Billy’sOriginally Posted on Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Blog The post Lego Competition Christmas 2016 WINNER appeared first on

Lego Batman Coming Soon

Lego Batman Minifigures Coming Soon Next week we are very much hoping to be in receipt of the New Lego Batman Minifigures, Lego Batman Minifigures will cost £2.99 per Minifigure and we will put a post on Silly Billy’s Facebook Page as soon as we have them in stock, in theory this should be Tuesday [ ] The post Lego Batman Coming Soon appeared first on

Lego Batman Minifigures and More

Just landed at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop are Lego Batman Minifigures, costing £2.99 per minifigure and we expect them to sell very fast.  The author of this post (Robert A Williams) has not started his own Batman Minifigures collection yet, Robert has started avidly collecting Minifigures when it was announced that Lego had better investment [ ] The post Lego Batman Minifigures and More appeared first on

Batman Minifigures – Progress

The Lego Batman Minifigures Collection Continues: So far in this series we have managed to obtain 7 of the 20 Collectible Lego Batman minifigures, so in total one third of the full collection of twenty obtainable in this series, this is what we have so far: Vacation Batman™ The Joker™ – Arkham Asylum Dick Grayson™ [ ] The post Batman Minifigures – Progress appeared first on

Pokemon Sun & Moon & More

Pokemon Sun & Moon Lots of news here at Silly Billy’s, Pokemon Sun and Moon have just arrived in the shop and we have both the Theme Decks at £11.99 and also Pokemon Sun & Moon Additional game cards at £3.99 Door Broken A sorrowful soul attempted to kick our door in on Tuesday night, [ ] The post Pokemon Sun & Moon & More appeared first on

Unusual Toys

Not So Much Unusual Toys Rather Toys You May Find Unusual for us to have here Some easy build, clip together model kits that come with paint and a brush and require no glue. Easy and fund to build, these kits have proved popular and at only £4.99 are a steal. They are great fun [ ] The post Unusual Toys appeared first on

Half-Term in Hebden Bridge

Next Week is Half-Term in Hebden Bridge We have some new and exciting products in Silly Billy’s Toy Shop for both young folk and older folk this half-term in Hebden Bridge. We have some exciting new products and old favourites from The House of Marbles. Monkey Drums and Spy Pen’s are back in stock. Plus we [ ] The post Half-Term in Hebden Bridge appeared first on

Bath Toys and More

Bath Toys We are often asked for Bath Toys at Silly Billy’s. Notably some of Playmobil’s 1.2.3 range has toys that float. Also the magic submarine from House of Marbles has been a huge success through the years. Now we have a dedicated range of Bath Toys from Alex Toys for our younger customers and [ ] The post Bath Toys and More appeared first on

This Is What The Internet Looked Like In 1973

This Is What The Internet Looked Like In 1973, funny that… The Internet is an ever-expanding sea of billions of people, connected through a web of smartphones, laptops, watches, and cars. Forty years ago, it was a very different picture indeed. David Newbury tweeted a map of the Internet that his father saved in 1973 [ ] The post This Is What The Internet Looked Like In 1973 appeared first on

New Playmobil Delivery 2017

 New Playmobil has just Arrived We have just had a huge delivery of New Playmobil new in for 2017 here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop. Playmobil is one of our top-selling product lines and we are very excited to have some of the latest Playmobil products here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop. This is the [ ] The post New Playmobil Delivery 2017 appeared first on