Aquabeads at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

Aquabeads at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

Aquabeads were introduced to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop this year (2017), although many many years ago, before the author of this blog started working there, Silly Billy’s were an Aquabead stockist.
So what are Aquabeads, exactly?
Aquabeads are a craft toy or gift which can be easily used to create breath-taking designs with the simple addition of water (H2O)

Hints & Tips for using Aquabeads

  • When beads do not stick properly, spray some more water on the back of the design and leave to dry.
  • When the back of a bead design is not glossy, spray some more water on the back and leave to dry.
  • If your bead design starts to bend, place the design under a heavy magazine or book and leave it there for a while.
  • If the bead design breaks, simply reassemble and spray with water.

These are the Aquabeads Kits that we have in stock at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

  • Aquabeads Complete Set Beginners Studio £12.99
    Aquabeads Beginners Studio comes complete with 840 beads in 12 colours, more than enough to create whatever your imagination thinks of!
    The set comes with a handy place to store all of your beads, a bead peeler, and template sheets as well as a bead pen and sprayer
    The Aquabeads Beginners Studio is suitable for those who have just begun their Aqua-beading adventure – it even comes with two double-sided template sheets to inspire you.
    Suitable for children aged 4+. “with colourful Aquabeads, beautiful creations are simply a spray of water away”.
  • Aquabeads Complete Set Rainbow Pen Station £19.99
    The Rainbow Pen Station comes with two layout trays, and a bespoke workstation making it perfect for crafting more Aquabeads creations at once. Slot the beads into the Rainbow Pen, and easily switch between the colours when creating your designs. There are 4 templates to help give you creative inspiration, and to top it all off, the handy workstation will help to keep you organised. With colourful Aquabeads, beautiful creations are simply a spray of water away.
    Just spray water and the beads will stick together! no ironing required.
    Helps to develop hand-eye coordination and memory skills.
    Includes two layout trays and a bespoke workstation.
    Contains 600 beads that come in eight different colours and four templates.
    Not suitable for children under 4 years due to small parts which can be ingested and/or inhaled
  • Aquabeads Complete Sparkling Jewel Box £19.99
    With colourful Aquabeads, beautiful creations are simply a spray of water away!
    Pretty in pink, the Sparkling Jewel Box contains 600 beads in 12 colours, all held within a coloured heart-shaped storage station.
    The Jewel Box comes with a layout tray, key chain, bead peeler, sprayer, two rings, a parfait cup and a sundae cup as well as 2 double-sided template sheets which comprise beautiful bow, cake and animal designs.
    Suitable for children aged 4+


We also have Aquabeads Refills Sets here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

  • Dazzling Ring Set £7.99
  • Jewel Bead Pack Refill Set £7.99
  • Mini Sparkle Pack Set  £5.99
  • Bracelet Set, Theme Refill £7.99

Aquabeads Refills

Aquabeads make a great Christmas Gift so come to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop for your Christmas Toy Shopping 2017

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