Week Five – Sylvanians Alive

Sylvanians and Minifigures

As week 5 happens here at Silly Billy‘s we are excited to have a brand new Sylvanian’s Display in our new shop window and a huge chocolate rabbit mother to compliment the display.
Choco_rabbitWe have some new Sylvanian’s and Sylvanian accessories in-store so come down and visit Silly Billy‘s today for all your Sylvanian needs.

We are still very busy here at Silly Billy‘s and next week we will have a new display stand in the shop and we hope to be soon stocking Sophie The Giraffe Teether. For now our Manhatten baby toys are in the stock room until our display cabinet is built, hopefully next week.

Also we have just received our Lego minifigures collectors cards so now you will get a sticker with every Disney Minifigure purchased and if you collect 5 stickers you will get the sixth Disney Minifgure free. I am progressing my Minifigure collection slowly and have now one HALF of the Disney Minifigure series:

lego Disney

Half-way There !!

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Dropping An iPhone 6S From 100 Feet In A Lego Phone Case

Dropping an iPhone 6S and using a Lego Phone Case

Lego is one of the top selling products we stock here at Silly Billy‘s Independent Toy Shop and if you are interested in building your own Lego Smartphone case then the Lego Classic Brick Box may do just the trick

Lego Smartphone Case

Lego Smartphone Case

Smartphone cases have become a must have accessory if you want to keep your investment safe from scratching or breaking. Techy TechRax got to thinking: How would a homemade smartphone case made out of just Lego do in a pressure test? So he made a perfect iPhone 6S case with Lego and dropped it 100 feet.
The results might surprise you.

Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2016/04/14/dropping-an-iphone-6s-from-100-feet-in-a-lego-phone-case/

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Boy’s lemonade stand raises thousands for his own adoption

(CNN)Most kids who set up lemonade stands hope to earn enough for an ice cream or maybe a new bike. But young Tristan has a loftier goal: He wants to get adopted.

From his front yard in Springfield, Missouri, the 9-year-old spent last weekend selling cups of lemonade and cookies by the hundreds. Every cent will go to legal fees so his guardian, Donnie Davis, can adopt him.
Davis and her husband, Jimmy Davis, had expected to raise a few hundred bucks with the lemonade stand and a yard sale — far short of the $5,000 and $10,000 in fees it will take to adopt the boy. But then the local media got wind of her story, word got around, and people began flocking to her yard.
“It just spread,” she told CNN. “We had people driving two-and-a-half hours just to meet Tristan.”
On Saturday alone, more than 600 people came to donate and share their own adoption stories, Davis said. “We were constantly running for more ice, water, cookies,” she said. “There was one point in time, we put water in the cooler and sold out before it was even cold.”
Here is an example of how Publicity can help a cause and now there are so many ways to publicise, one of the best being blogging and if you are interested in Blogging then please check out the author of this site and many others, Robert A Williams
The family has now raised more than $18,000 from in-person sales and donations through an online crowdfunding page. Davis says the additional money will go into an education fund for Tristan.
It’s welcome news for a boy whose life has been full of struggles.

A difficult past

On Tristan’s YouCaring page, Donnie Davis offers a sobering account of the boy’s childhood:
Ten years ago Donnie Davis’ former husband impregnated a 15-year-old girl, who then gave birth to Tristan.
When Tristan was 3 months old, his biological father was sentenced to prison for 22 years on a federal gun conviction. Davis divorced the father and agreed to help the struggling young mother by taking temporary custody of Tristan.


After the adoption is complete, the family hopes to take a vacation to Oklahoma City to see NBA star Kevin Durant — Tristan’s favorite player — play a game. Tristan always tells his mom, “Kevin Durant is my bro.”
To mark a new start with his adoptive family, Tristan also wants to change his name. His first choice was Star-Lord after Chris Pratt’s character in his favorite movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy.”
“It’s a good laugh, but Star-Lord is not going to be his new name,” said Davis, who reminded Tristan that Star-Lord’s real name in the movie is Peter Quill. “We weren’t crazy about Peter but he loves Quill. He proudly tells his teachers and everyone to now call him Quill Tristan Davis.”

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/26/us/lemonade-stand-adoption-missouri-boy/index.html

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Week 4 – New Vinyl Window Signs and More

Week 4 – New Vinyl Window Signs and More

We have been here in Old Gate House for one month now, or near enough and we are so happy to be in this bright airy new shop, a real change and with a feeling far more positive than in the dark retail portal of Innovation Mill.

Thanks to everyone that is coming in and making positive comments about the shop and the layout. We still have more work to do to finish and one task completed this week was the new Vinyl Window Signage from ALL4design, unfortunately we had to rip all our counters out to put them up, which was a big palaver as anyone who came into the shop this Wednesday would have seen.
Now the Vinyl signs are in place and we are very happy with them:

new signs 1

All4Design Team working hard

New sign

Applying the Vinyl

Lego Sign

One of Our Main Brands

Lego Construction Image

Lego Construction Image


Where’s the other S ??

Come down to Silly Billy‘s this weekend and check out our new Shop with all new signs and (old) Bill the Playmobil Policeman monitoring the outside.

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TY Beanies are Back !!

TY Beanies are Back !!

We have at long last got TY Beanies back in stock.
TY Beanies are very popular at Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop and they are a product which we always aim to have in stock. Unfortunately there was a delay in having Beanies back in stock following the devastating flooding in Hebden Bridge that Silly Billy’s Toy Shop experienced.
There are all these Beanies in a nice new stand that we managed to obtain:


TY-Beanie Stand

WE Have in stock:

  • Whiskers the Dog
  • Kiki the grey Cat
  • Pippie the Dog
  • Tauri the Cat
  • Darla the Dragon
  • Brutus the Dog
  • Patches the Leopard
  • Precious the Dog
  • Cutie Pie the Panda
  • Sammy the Owl
  • Dotty the Leopard
  • Tracey the Dog
  • Sami the fish
  • Sugarpie the Unicorn


We also have some TY Keyrings in stock, all available in the nice new stand that has been kindly given to us by the folk at TY
You can read more about TY Beanies at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop


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Lego Disney Minifigures New In


Just in at the All new Silly Billy’s Toy Shop is Lego’s latest Minifigures which are a Disney Series and include:

  1. Aladdin Minifigure
  2. Alice Minifigure
  3. Ariel Minifigure
  4. Buzz Lightyear Minifigure
  5. Captain Hook Minifigure
  6. Cheshire Cat Minifigure
  7. Daisey Duck Minifigure
  8. Donald Duck Minifigure
  9. Genie Minifigure
  10. Maleficent Minifigure
  11. Mickey Mouse Minifigure
  12. Minnie Mouse Minifigure
  13. Mr Incredible Minifigure
  14. Peter Pan Minifigure
  15. Pizza Planet Toy Story Minifigure
  16. Stitch Minifigure
  17. Syndrome Minifigure
  18. Ursula Minifigure

    Lego Minifgures Disney Series

    Our First Minifigure out of the box was Mini Mouse

Sadly, very sadly for the author, we completely missed out on Lego Minifigures Series 15 due to the flooding in Hebden Bridge and our subsequent shop closure and reopening three months later. Lego have released other sponsored Minifigures including two series of Simpson Minifigures. The first series was incredibly popular with a huge following whereas the second Simpson Minifigures series fell a bit flat.

We expect that the Disney Lego Series will be incredibly popular as well, and from previous experience Disney goes one of two ways here in Hebden Bridge, either very very well or abysmally poorly:
An example being Doc McStuffin which despite being very popular everywhere else in the UK, sold abysmally at Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop in Hebden bridge.
Unfortunately due to our relocation and subsequent down time we were not able to order as many boxes of Minifigures from Lego Group as we normally would. This means that our stocks of Disney Minifigures are limited and for the first time Lego have increased the number of Minifigures to collect from 16 to 18.

Come to Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop and buy your Minifigures today, don’t delay, Silly Billy’s Toy Shop is the foremost place to buy Lego in Yorkshire

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Hape Bamboo Cars

Hape  Bamboo Cars / Style Me Up OFFERS

We have written about Hape Bamboo Cars before. They are an exciting product made of Bamboo and would appeal to Boys (and girls as well).
There are only a few of these cars left and Hape Cars are now only £2.50 each here at Silly Billy‘s

Hape Bamboo Cars

Bamboo Speedsters

Something for the girls (specifically) is that we have reduced our Style Me Up Range by 50%, yes half-price on all Style Me Up, whilst stocks last

Style Me Up


All the Style Me Up Range is in the cardboard Box in the middle of the shop, come down to Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge and get some half-price Style Me UP today

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Week Three – Silly Billy’s The Place to Be

Week Three – Silly Billy‘s, The Place to Be

Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop is nearly finished! Whooo-hooo. So Jonathan Noble (from Black Shaw Head) has completed shelving in our small storage facility which we are hoping will become like a Tardis (small yet with much in it) and now we are waiting on the signs which will be coming from ALL4Design, hopefully next week.

As part of our general sort out of stock we have a damaged Sylvanians Display Unit which any Sylvanians Fan can have, just come into the shop and ask for it and like Silly Billy’s Facebook Page and you can have it for free, GRATIS, nada.


Sylvanians Display

The display has been unfortunately damaged at the end with all the moving about we have been doing, and all the Sylvanians are still safe inside! The little woodland creatures and their furniture is glued in place but with a little patience we feel sure they would come unstuck and could be played with again and again.

FREE to a good home and we would like it gone by this weekend, and don’t forget please like Silly Billy’s Toy Shop on Facebook and you will be the first to hear about our latest news, events and competitions.


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Help girls around the world receive a safe, quality education

(CNN)In April 2014, more than 270 girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in the middle of the night from their boarding school in Chibok, Nigeria.

The kidnapping sparked protests around the world and the social media campaign #BringBackOurGirls.
Several organizations are helping young women around the world to receive an education in a safe environment:
Aid for Africa is an alliance of U.S.-based nonprofit organizations and its African partners. The organizations help girls from elementary school through college attend school and also provide books, uniforms, toiletries and a bed for boarding school.
World Vision has helped prevent or remove more than 33,000 children from child labor so they may attend school. It focuses on providing early-childhood and primary education for children, especially girls.
CARE USA helps girls in various nations receive an education and also work with men and boys to address gender barriers.
Girl Up — United Nations Foundation is a campaign inspiring American girls to take action for girls in countries such as Ethiopia, Guatemala and Liberia who face a lack of access to education and are susceptible to child marriage, high maternal death rates and HIV infection.
Room to Read operates in several countries throughout Africa and Asia. One of its programs focuses on girls’ secondary education and helping them transition out of school and back into their communities. More than two-thirds of their graduates attend college.
Plan International USA incorporates education into its program, from providing clean water, sanitation, health, financial security and protection from sexual violence.
A New Day Cambodia provides education, food, and shelter to Cambodia’s garbage dump scavenger children.
If you have story ideas related to girls’ education, email ImpactYourWorld@CNN.com

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/14/world/iyw-girls-education-how-to-help/index.html

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Cake and Boat Race

Cake and Boat Race at Hebden Bridge School on Sunday 17th April

Do you want to know how to make a boat?
Do you think you can transport a cake from one side of the river to another?
Do you want to race your boat against friends?

There is a fun educational day at the Birchcliffe Centre in Hebden Bridge this Sunday, a taster workshop day for young people to experience the educational flavour of the new Hebden Bridge School

You can read more about everything that will be going on this Sunday at the taster day on the Hebden Bridge School Website and sign up for a place via:

Toy Boat

You can experience all the fun of boat building and have a learning experience to boot, or should that be “to boat”

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