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I have been working for a little while now at increasing the visibility of – One factor from my years of research into SEO and tools for the promotion of websites on line has been the Alexa Rank of domains. Just as Google creates a set of indexes and pigeon holes in which the search engine owners pigeon hole your site, then similarly the ranking of your site by domain is important as well, this is a factor for consideration in ranking within various search engines.

On 17th May 2015 was ranked on as 9,910,064 – this was before any intervention by myself and now since plugging away at promoting in various ways both on Social Media and elsewhere this is now what is seen today Sunday 14th June 2015:

Alexa Rank
Alexa Rank 15th June 2015

That is 2,012,059, a change of over 7 MILLION places in Alexa Ranking Order in just under one calendar month.

If you want to know more than contact me via seo at or any other contact method you wish.

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Hape Bamboo Cars Only £2.99


Small and lightweight bamboo cars made from sustainable materials from Hape. These are quality toy cars, very detailed and  fast over the ground.
Only £2.99 here at Silly Billy’s in Hebden Bridge

There are 12 cars to collect and they are very well made, we have a limited amount of these in stock so get them whilst you can. If you wish any from outside of our locality then get in touch with Silly Billys and we can post these Hape Bamboo Cars out to you at a very reasonable rate.

Hape Cars
Hape Bamboo Cars
12 to Collect
HApe Trailblazer
Hape Baja Buggy


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Hebden Bridge Hand Made Parade

Hand Made Parade Sunday 7th June 2015

The Hand Made Parade is going to start soon. If you have never seen the handmade parade in Hebden Bridge then it is a truly fantastic spectacle and as the title suggests it is hand-made.

The theme of this years parade is flying and there will be some fantastically designed costumes and mechanical machines around this theme.

If you are in Hebden Bridge for the handmade parade then please pop in and visit us at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, we are open until 5pm today and are one of the best stores to buy Lego in Yorkshire.

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#Competition Time is Here Again


Following on from the GREAT SUCCESS of our last competition here at Silly Billy’s we have decided to launch another competition. As mentioned previously it is Silly Billy’s 18th Birthday this year and we will have competitions approximately every other  month finishing in time for Christmas 2015.
The final competition prize at Christmas will be very special indeed.

The rules are very simple, all you need to do is Like Our Facebook Page, or follow us on Twitter. Either one is fine.
If you want to do both we would really appreciate that.
BUT in addition to this simple clicking act we would also ask that you sign up for our blog, you can do this very simply on Silly Billy’s Blog main page. This whole process should take no longer than 2 minutes. All we require for the blog sign up is your name and email address, the sign-up is powered by MailChimp

“What Can I win?” we hear you ask??
To celebrate the, hopefully, soon to be welcomed Summerin the Calder Valley, we are GIVING AWAY a Sylvanian Families set. This will be posted Free Of Charge to anywhere in the UK. There is ONE set to Win.
Silly Billy’s is the prime shop to buy Sylvanians in Yorkshire
and for the whole of June you could be in with a chance of winning Freya’s Day at The Seaside, Set 4672.
Freyas Day At the SeasideFreya 4672

This Competition is only open to UK residents
You can only enter once
Your entry will only be counted if you subscribe to our blog as well as one of the other social actions. Anyone failing to subscribe to the blog will not be entered into the draw.

LASTLY if you are confused by anything here then this is the simple process to win the Sylvanians set:
1) EITHER LIKE US on Facebook or FOLLOW us on Twitter, if you want to do both then that is GREAT
2) ALSO Subscribe to our blog, here:

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Lego Simpson’s Minifigures Series 2


The Simpons Series 2 have been in Silly Billy’s Toy Shop now for just over a month. Take up isn’t as fast as the First Simpson’s series that Lego Produced:

Nevertheless, Silly Billy’s independent toy shop expects to sell out of Minifigures before Lego release the next series in early October 2015.
Silly Billy’s is also selling full boxes of Simpsons minifgures in their online shop